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Your Parish Council

Olveston Parish Council is unusual in that it represents a number of villages, hamlets and their outlying areas – Olveston, Old Down, Tockington, Lower Hazel, Woodhouse Down, Ingst and Awkley.

The Parish Council is committed to working for the good of the whole of Olveston Parish and wants to hear your views on what we should be doing to support the local community. All your ideas are welcomed. Please take a moment to explore this site.

It is an Ancient Civil Parish with records of overseers going back to the early 1700’s, the Parish Council was formed under the Local Government Act 1894 and serves the villages of Olveston and Tockington, and the hamlets of Old Down, Awkley, Ingst, and Lower Hazel.

Parish and Town Councils are the first tier of Local Government in this country. As such, on many issues, Olveston Parish Council is the best first stop for information and guidance. We are in direct communication with the District Council, and liaise with them on many matters impacting on the Parish. There is a huge variety in what the Parish Council has to do and we welcome anyone who wishes to help in making the Parish the best place to live. If you have the time and the passion, we are always looking for volunteers

The Parish Council has nine elected / co-opted Councillors who serve for a period of 4 years, along with a part time clerk The job of the Parish Council is to represent the interests of the whole of Olveston Parish, understanding the needs of different groups in the community .They have responsibility to provide or interact with South Glos District Council on various services including , planning, highways, transport and traffic, community safety, housing, street lighting, allotments, cemeteries, playing fields, litter, war memorials, seats, shelters, and rights of way.

Central Government is encouraging local councils to deliver more services and play a greater part in their communities. The Parish Council is funded by a precept, the amount householders of the Parish pay as part of the Council Tax, in order to maintain facilities and to do whatever they can to preserve and improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors alike. We strive to exercise best value practices in all our expenditure.

The business of the council is carried out at monthly full council meetings, on the last Tuesday of the month and additionally as members of various committees, sub-committees and working groups covering such matters as planning, finance and recreation & leisure. Occasional ad hoc meetings may be held to discuss specific topics. Unless indicated otherwise members of the public are welcome to attend all the Parish Council’s meetings. Minutes are posted on the Parish Council website.

Parish Council meetings are held in the meeting room at the Queen Alexandra Memorial Pavilion, and commence at 7.30pm. The Agenda for the meetings is published in advance on this website and on the Council’s notice boards outside Olveston Stores, outside the Swan Pub in Tockington and on the bus stop just after the crescent in Old Down.

You cannot speak while the normal business of the meeting is being conducted. Unless you have contacted the Clerk prior to the meeting to make it known that you wish to participate on an Agenda item. If you wish to raise anything which is not on the agenda you are advised to contact the council’s clerk in writing, asking for this to be included on the councils next agenda. Councillors cannot make decisions on anything which is not included on the agenda. The clerk can provide you with further details as to how this works in your council.