Sunday, October 20, 2019

Central Government has provided £500,000 to South Gloucestershire Council to fund a study into a new Junction 18a on the M4 and link to the Avon Ring Road A4174. The study is being led by South Gloucestershire Council in partnership with Highways England


The Joint Transport Study directly refers to the scheme within the vision for Yate and East Fringe to Bristol: “The proposals in this area… focus on improving public transport and highway connectivity to the East Fringe and Yate… A new motorway junction on the M4 (Junction 18A), with connections to the Ring Road and Yate, will help to tackle traffic issues at M32 Junction 1 and provide a high quality route to Yate. This will unlock highway capacity for MetroBus improvements on the A432 corridor between Yate and Bristol, connecting into the North Fringe to Hengrove Package infrastructure which would also be further upgraded.”

To help inform the feasibility study on this project, South Gloucestershire Council is holding a public consultation.  You can access all supporting documents and the online survey from the consultation webpage.  The consultation period is open between Monday 21st August 2017 and Monday 16th October 2017.  To find out more and have your say:

Developing objectives 

(1) To relieve congestion to M4 J19 and M32 J1, and on the A4174 corridor by providing 

        a high quality link between the M4 and A4174 Avon Ring Road • improvements to the M4 in the vicinity including extending the managed motorway 

        improvements to the A4174 between M32 and A4 Hicks Gate Roundabout Improve safety by reducing congestion related collisions on M4 J19 and M32 J1, and on the A4174 corridor. 

        Reducing queuing traffic on the M4 • Reducing traffic queuing on the A4174 

        Improving coordination of traffic movements

(2) Unlock the economic potential in the north east Bristol Fringe, particularly within Science, Technology and Innovation sectors, by. 

        Providing better transport connections 

        Providing reliable connections to the M4 from north east fringe 

        Making travel to and from North east fringe more attractive 

        Protecting multi modal options Improve network resilience and journey time reliability by.

        Providing suitable capacity junctions 

        Providing a convenient M4 connection as an alternative to the M32 

        Providing a choice of routes this disbursing congestion effects Draft objectives 

(3) Improve air quality in the north east Bristol Fringe area, by 

        Improving journey speeds 

        Reducing rat running traffic from minor roads 

        Reducing ‘shock wave’ stop start effects on the M32 and A4174. Protect access for non-car modes and improve conditions for them.

        Protects MetroBus routes and reduces congestion 

        Provides improved quality cycle links and connections 

        Provides improved pedestrian opportunities 

Potential Timescales:

Establishing need 2017

Strategic outline / options 2018

Outline Business Case 2020

Full Business Case 2022

Construction 2023

Monitoring and Evaluation 2026

Next steps

Evidence based report Feb 2017

Development of scheme options May 17 - Workshop to be arranges

Option assessment report Sept 2017 - Public consultation

Strategic outcome Business Case March 2018


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