Monday, July 22, 2019


South Gloucestershire Council
Election of Parish Councillors for Olveston Parish on Thursday 2 May 2019

I, John McCormack, being the Returning Officer at the above election, report that at the latest time for delivery of notices of withdrawal of candidature, namely Wednesday 3 April 2019, the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Olveston Parish without a contest.

Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)


Adrian John

19 Stoney Stile Road, Alveston, BS35 3NG  



(Address in South Gloucestershire)  


Martin John

(Address in South Gloucestershire)  


Robert Arthur

The Villa, New Road, Olveston, South Gloucestershire, BS35 4DX  



54 Orchard Rise, Olveston, Bristol, BS35 4DZ  



Westmead, Aust Road, Olveston, Bristol, BS35 4DE  



(Address in South Gloucestershire)  

Dated Thursday 4 April 2019                                        

John McCormack

Returning Officer


Printed and published by the Returning Officer, Council Offices, Badminton Road, Yate, South Gloucestershire, BS37 5AF



Dates for the next 6 months - all meetings on a Tuesday unless otherwise stated as below

  • Planning         start 7.00 pm

  • Recreation         start 7.30 pm

  • Main Committee   start 7.30 pm

Election day 2nd May 2019

Month Main Planning Recreation
January 29th 29th  
February   12th 12th
  26th 26th  
March   12th 12th
  26th 26th  
April Thurs APA 2nd 11th 11th
  30th 30th  
May Election Day 2nd    
  AGM (TBC) 14th 14th
  28th 28th  
June   11th 11th
  24th 24th  




Background Information –
Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places
Relevant Legislation
Representation of the People Act 1983 and The Review of Polling District and Polling Places (Parliamentary Elections) Regulations 2006.
Reason for the Review
Under the Representation of the People Act 1983, the Council has a duty to divide its area into polling districts and to designate a polling place for each polling district. The Council must keep these arrangements under review.
The Council’s last full review was completed in January 2015
Since the last full review adistrict boundary review has been undertaken by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England. To give effect to the changes some of our polling districts require amendment. In some areas our polling districts will be amended to reflect other changes as a result of the review, for example where the name of a parish or town ward is changing.
Where existing arrangements for polling stations remain appropriate for an amended polling district we are in most cases proposing to continue using the
existing station.
The arrangements made for parliamentary elections are also used at other

What is a polling district?
Each constituency must be divided into a number of smaller geographical areas
called polling districts.
In designating polling districts the local authority must ensure that electors are given such reasonable facilities for voting as are practicable in the circumstances and that each parish or parish ward is a separate polling district.
What is a polling place?
A polling place is the geographical area in a polling district in which a polling station is located
What is a polling station?
A polling station is the room or building where the poll takes place. A polling
station must be located within the polling place designated for the particular polling district.
The designation of a polling station is the responsibility of the Returning Officer for the election and not the local authority
How the review is conducted
The Council will publish a notice announcing that a review is taking place.
The Acting Returning Officer for each parliamentary constituency within the area will be consulted and asked to make representations on the existing polling stations. Their comments will be published within 30 days of receipt.
Representations will be invited from Councillors, local political parties, parish councils, electors and those persons with particular expertise in relation to access to premises for persons with disabilities.
Copies of background information and the schedule of proposed polling districts and polling places will be available for inspection on the Council’s website and in the Council’s One Stop Shops at:
•Civic Centre, High Street, Kingswood, BS15 9TR
 • Kennedy Way, Yate, BS37 4DQ
•Rodway Road, Patchway, BS34 5PE
A report will be submitted to the Councils Regulatory Committee in January 2019.
Revised arrangements will come into force in February 2019 when the Register of Electors is republished to give effect to any changes.
What is not covered by the review
The boundaries of UK parliamentary constituencies, the boundaries and names of South Gloucestershire Council wards or parish or parish ward boundaries are not covered by the review.
The role of the Electoral Commission
The commission do not have a role in the review process itself. However, the commission can consider comments if people do not believe that the review has met the reasonable requirements of electors or taken sufficient account of the needs of disabled electors.
Appeals can be made to the commission by:-
•A Parish Council or Parish Meeting
•30 or more registered electors
•Anyone who has made comments during the review
•A person who has expertise in access to premises or facilities for disabled persons. This person does not have to  
be registered as an elector in the area.
As a result of an appeal the commission may direct the local authority to alter polling places arising from the review. If the council do not make these amendments within two months the commission has the power to make the
changes itself.

Avon and Somerset Police are currently seeking nominations for their 'Be Proud' awards,  where you can nominate a member of staff who you feel has gone above and beyond in their role. There is a specific category, within the awards process, for 'Neighbourhood Officer of the Year,' which includes Sergeants, PCs and PCSOs who work within neighbourhood policing.

To make a nomination, you can fill-out a short online form on the dedicated website at:

I hope you will agree that  SGT Adrian Fallow, PCs Natalie Jones and Paula Manos  do an excellent job supporting your community, not least at  the Community Engagement Forums.

If you would like to nominate her or any other Police officer/ PCSO you will need to get your nomination in by Jan 27th.

Kind Regards

Community Engagement

Equalities & Third Sector Team

Phone: 01454 868113 / Webpage:

South Gloucestershire Council, Department for Environment and Community Services, Safer and Stronger Communities, PO Box 1954, Bristol BS37 0DB

Consultation opens on the Member Awarded Funding (MAF) scheme:

The Member Awarded Funding (MAF) scheme funds projects in South Gloucestershire provided by voluntary and community groups, charities, social enterprises (VCSE) and Town and Parish Councils. In March 2016 the Council's Environment and Community Services Committee agreed to implement the MAF scheme and this was launched later in the year. As part of this it was agreed that the MAF process would be reviewed initially after a twelve month period and thereafter as appropriate with any changes identified and implemented as required.

It is essential that this scheme meets the Council's legal obligations, provides transparency and clarity for local groups and safeguards public funding in a proportionate manner.  However, it is also important that all users are able to comment on how the scheme has operated and, where changes are identified these are considered and applied as required to improve the system.

Have your say:

You can tell us your views on the operation of the MAF scheme by clicking on this MAF Review Survey link.

This consultation is open from 3 September until 19 November 2018.

The findings from this consultation and views gathered from Councillors will be considered at the Executive Member Meeting in December 2018.

The survey is adaptive to smartphones, tablets and PCs and has an accessible version in plain text.  If you need to complete the survey in another format or if you have any queries then please contact the Grants Helpline by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01454 865865. 




Clerk – Olveston Parish Council


Our Parish Clerk, Richard Rogers, is leaving us as Clerk and will cease employment at the end of June 18


Richard has been Clerk to The Council for the past seven years during which time he has successfully navigated the many edicts and directives from South Gloucestershire Council. At the same time he has managed the increasing complexity of our Council business.


We thank Richard for his loyalty and will greatly miss the help and advice which he gave us all on Council matters. He takes with us our best wishes for the future.




John Hughes


Chairman – Olveston Parish Council


June 2018